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Duo - track 4

Live trio performance with Willem von Hombracht on double bass, Shane Robles on drums. Exhilerating free improvisations on the edge of inspiration. It's a dynamic set of piano/bass duos and trios. Six tracks, 39 minutes.

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Off Topic Four

Off Topic Eight

Off Topic is Dave Stone, reeds, Jim Hegarty, piano and Moog, Willem von Hombracht bass, and Henry Claude, percussion. Recorded live at the Kranzberg Arts Center on the New Music Circle series. Eight tracks, 60 minutes.

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Antithesis Reflex Three

11 cuts (54 minutes) of free/experimental solo piano recorded on a wonderful Steinway B with a pair of AKG 414's.

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God Bless The Child

Jazz-influenced free interpretations of several of my favorite standards including Billie Holiday's God Bless the Child, John Coltrane's Impressions, and Leonard Bernstein's Maria. Five originals, nine total cuts. (Solo piano, 45 minutes.)